Free Bees

About Free-Bees

A brick-breaker reimagined with hexagons, honey, and heavy-duty chains! Free the Bees from their hexagonal prisons by chaining together projectiles in stylized worlds with unique mechanics. Hang out with all the Bees you’ve freed in the sanctuary. Create and share your own custom levels to free the Bees!

Free The Bees Using All-New Brick-breaker Mechanics

Hit, hurl, and bump Bees of all shapes, sizes, and political persuasions into hexagons to break them and free other Bees! Do your best to keep the bees from dying, because if a dead Bee dies again, you get a ZomBee!

Play In 4 Unique Stylized Worlds

What do the woods, internal organs, cyber dystopias, and hard-boiled detective novels all have in common? They’re in this game! Explore these unique worlds while progressing through levels and trying to free each world’s Queen Bee! Attempt this daring rescue to the backdrop of a dynamic music system that responds to how you play each level.

Make Your Own Custom Levels

The custom level-editor allows all the levels living in your mind to spring to life! Adjust the visual style, layout, music, and so much more.

Play Your Way!

Explore our unique game customization options including a high-contrast mode, control remapping, and the ability to change the game play speed at any time.