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Lloyd May

Lloyd (He/Him) is Regi’s Hype Man and handles design, music, and marketing. His music is featured on YouTube’s 43rd largest Indie Game Dev/bamboo review channel.

When not tending to Regi, Lloyd is a PhD candidate in Music Technology at Stanford University. His research and teaching involve all things accessibility, disability, & interactivity.

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Alex Williams

Alex (He/Him) is Regi’s Personal Stylist and is responsible for his overall image and helps him code Indie games. Since button up shirts and bed-head require minimal effort, he has time to entertain theories about “Big Bamboo”.

Between coding & styling, Alex teaches game programming at Southern New Hampshire University to aspiring game developers, thankfully none of which are Pandas.

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Regi X

Hey. I’m Regi X, a game developer based in Oakland, California.

Currently working on Free-Bees
a brick-breaker remix with hexagons, honey, & heavy duty chains

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