Secret Passageway Shuffle: Regi’s Covert Conundrum.

Secret Passageway Shuffle: Regi’s Covert Conundrum is an exciting puzzle adventure game that puts players in the paws of Regi, a paranoid panda on a mission to uncover hidden secrets. Delve into a world of mysterious passageways, where each step brings you closer to solving the enigmatic code left behind by an underground panda spy network. Navigate through challenging puzzles, unlock hidden doors, and decipher cryptic clues to unravel the truth. But beware, as your every move is being watched by pesky pigeons, disguised as government surveillance drones. Sharpen your wits and embark on this thrilling journey filled with intrigue and excitement, as Regi’s fate hangs in the balance. Can you crack the code and complete Regi’s covert conundrum?


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